Friday, 10 June 2016

School Garden Activities/Planning Workshops

Today was a wonderful day to be back in the classroom setting as we balance both indoor and outdoor learning! We started the day with a harvesting activity where we identified the names of plants and the part of the plant that we eat (roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds) which proved to be more challenging than we thought.

Keeping in mind that "A Teacher's Guide to Teaching in the School Garden" is intended for high-school classes, we went around the table as everyone contributed different ideas for incorporating lessons in their teaching areas. We realized that this resource served for great discussion around how we can take lessons from the booklet, adapt it for different learning levels and different age groups, and how we can use the information across the curriculum. 

Finally we concluded our discussion by dividing into our different presentation groups as we worked on our plans for the Summer Solstice and Orchard Garden workshops! As we brainstormed in teams, the excitement grew as we realized the dates are fast approaching! We winded down the session by deciding on which plants we want to grow in the flower beds at the Orchard Garden. It is an enriching experience to be able to contribute to the garden. We feel this is relatable to our students and their experiences with contributing to their own school gardens. 

Posted by: Sigrid Robiso and Jackie Prior

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