The Orchard Garden Workshop Series

Our team has designed an 8-part workshop series, running every month on a Saturday from October to June, from 10:00 am to 2:00pm. The workshops are open to all but specifically designed to complement students who will be participating in 3-week enhanced practicum experiences in schools with gardens. Workshops are led by The Orchard Garden Team.

Workshop Series Objectives: By the end of the workshop series, participants will have become familiar with the space of a garden as a rich environment for teaching and learning across the curriculum. Ecological and social justice considerations will frame all aspects of the workshop series, with a particular focus on the place of the teacher (personal, cultural, and geographic positioning and identities) in garden-based education. Extensive engagement with gardening practices, food preparation activities (including eating!), and critical dialogue will be the pedagogical modes of exploration throughout the workshop series.

Each workshop will include:
- Connections to curriculum
- Garden skills
- Planting, harvesting, etc.
- Resources - Recipe
- Food preparation
- Shared light lunch

Workshops at a Glance

Workshop #1

What is a school garden?

An introduction to the history of school gardens & their contemporary relevance Including - History of school gardens - Cross-cultural issues around gardening & agriculture - What is a garden - Garden metaphors in education. Introduction of the Cultivating Learning Network.

Workshop #2: 

Curriculum Connections.

Garden-based education across the curriculum, with a focus on both elementary & secondary curriculum. - Embodied math in the garden - Art in the garden - English in the garden - History and social studies

Workshop #3:

Garden ecosystems.

A holistic exploration of the interconnected relationships in a garden, including concepts from permaculture design. Topics including soil health, compost, nutrients, water, crop rotation, animals, weather & climate.

Workshop #4:

School garden design.

Participatory approaches to school garden design including co-design with children, curriculum connections, different design approaches, safety, liabilities, signage, and seasonal considerations.

Workshop #5:

Sustaining a garden.

Identifying and maintaining support for school gardening activities including funding & administrative support - Community participation - Weeding & other endless work - Engaging community partners - Management plan - summer maintenance/activities, hoses, tools, sheds, infrastructure, etc.

Workshop #6:


Exploring and reviewing key gardening practices including planting, transplanting, seedlings, tool maintenance, plant families, crop rotation, planting according to the school year calendar, and season extension.

Workshop #7:

Workshop lead by the Secondary Community Field Experience (CFE) cohort.

Workshop #8:


Workshop lead by Elementary/Middle Community Field Experience (CFE) cohort.

Other Academic Activities at The Orchard Garden

Secondary Community Field Experience (CFE): April 23-May 12, 2018

Elementary/Middle Community Field Experience (CFE): June 11-30, 2018

Summer Institute in Early Childhood Education: July 9-14, 2018

Summer Institute 2018 Garden-Based Pedagogies in Early Childhood Education: Open(ing) spaces for learning ECED 480A 96A / ECED 565A 96A | non-credit

Seasonal Celebrations
Dark Garden Arts (Hallowe'en, Day of the Dead): Friday, Oct. 27, 2017.

Summer Solstice: Thursday, June 28, 2018.