Friday, 16 May 2014

Please vote for our project in the CST Inspired Minds Learning Project!

Julia Ostertag and I are working with Kris Fox (SALA) and  Mariana Brussoni (Faculty of Medicine) , and with Vancouver School Board administrators, parents and kids to develop this cool idea for transforming Vancouver School Grounds for sustainable, lively play and learning. The CST Learning Project is a grant that you need to get votes for -- so please vote for our project as soon as you can! As clown Rosy Sunrise advised, "Vote early, vote often"... as long as that's legal, that is!

Monday, 12 May 2014

The Dirt Museum, featuring Orchard Garden arts-based research!

Please considering visiting the Dirt Museum at the Liu Institute's Lobby Gallery. The opening will be May 22 at 12:30, and the museum is a collective of 14 artists'/researchers' work related to the million ways we understand and experience dirt. Julia Ostertag's research at The Orchard Garden will be one of the works featured at the exhibit, which will run until September 2014.

The Lobby Gallery at the Liu Institute invites you to the opening of


reception: Thursday 22 May, 12:30pm ― 2pm

with artists     Omer Aijazi   عمر اعجازئ     Jon Beasley-Murray    Sarah Fessenden    Stephanie Fung   Mascha Gugganig    Bryn Letham    Nicola Levell    Tal Nitsán                Julia Ostertag    Ofira Roll   Melanie Schambach    Sarah Wen    Clayton Whitt    and    Afuwa

exhibition runs until September 2014 at The Lobby Gallery at the Liu Institute for Global Issues, 6476 NW Marine Drive, Vancouver

Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Orchard Garden has Moved to a new Location at Totem Fields!

After 9 wonderful years of being located behind the McMillan building, the Orchard Garden has moved to a new nearby location at Totem Fields!!

The Orchard Garden has been an outdoor classroom inviting learners across disciplines to explore and connect theory and practice. Wonderful memories were created at the old Orchard Garden site. We look forward to creating more such memories at our new site.

A BIG Thank You goes to our outstanding and dedicated team who made this move possible: Susan, Julia, Samira, Roz, Toni, Claire, Galen, Maja, Kwesi and Laura. We would also like to welcome the new additions to our team, Brendan and Scott!  

Our team is eager and excited to continue the current Orchard Garden Projects at the new location, as well as begin many exciting new collaborations with faculties and programs!

We are looking forward to seeing you at our new site at Totem Fields