Publications we like!

Theses & Dissertations:

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Student research: 
- Co-design as pedagogy: Two case studies of student participation in the design of enhanced learning landscapes. (2012) Poster session at the American Educational   Research Association (AERA) Conference. Poster available here.
- Investigating Our Practices (IOP) Annual Conference. (2011). Learning to Teach in an     Outdoor Classroom. Slideshow available here

- LFS 350 Student research: Chinese Market Garden Resource Book. Available here.

- Gerofsky, S. (2016). What we have learned from campus teaching and learning gardens:   The UBC Orchard Garden and Cultivating Learning Network. Conference       Proceedings. University Alliance for Sustainability (UAS) Green Paper Series No. 1.   April 11-15. Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin