Friday, 17 June 2016

Hyperboloids and Dream Scrolls

Today we continued working on the hyperboloid gate and tried many different ideas to complete the project! We worked collaboratively and learned that sometimes we need to approach challenges with an open mindset. We were struggling with visualizing how the structure would come together. However with a couple of adjustments from our previous attempts with our mini model and our last trial, we successfully created the hyperboloid shape!

After an introduction from the lovely Gestare Art Collective and a lunch break, we came back to begin our nap-in! The nap-in was a wonderful break from the more labour-intensive morning we experienced today! It gave us an opportunity to engage in reflective practice, by taking moments in the day to pause and step away from the hectic daily routines that most of us experience.

Spending time sewing and expressing our ideas for the dream scroll was a refreshing way to engage with a cross-curricular activity in the garden, combining our artistic expressions with the outdoor environment. It was also comforting to share this experience in comfortable silence together. The activity was concluded with a talking and sharing circle and followed by a ceremonial releasing of the dreams through the labyrinth and the original hyperboloid gate. Most of the group were hesitant about the nap-in but overall, we felt that it was a very enriching and rewarding experience that we hope to partake in again one day! :)


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