Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Day 1: CFE (June 6, 2016)

We had a wonderful first day in our Community Field Experience (CFE) with Orchard Garden. The morning started with introductions and a review of our three week schedule.  We shared our interests and projects that we would like to explore during our time together. Many teacher candidates are interested in learning more about embedding the garden-based learning into  art, math and science subjects.  

Toni summarized food safety within the classroom.  We learned about foodbourne illness and the difference between bacteria and toxins.  As well, we discussed the three main components of food safety in the classroom: handling, preparing and storing. Together, we shared our thoughts on how to create a safe and inclusive learning environment when interacting with food.  One interesting fact we learned was that botulism is an intoxication that results in paralysis, and it is also used in botox.

In the afternoon, we ventured to the Orchard Garden for our tour. We met with garden workers and helped them in weeding the vegetables beds. During this time, we realized how many people it takes to upkeep a garden.  We learned that it takes two full time workers to maintain the Orchard Garden. Also, we learned how to stay healthy and happy while working outside in the garden: wear sunscreen, hats, proper shoe wear and keep hydrated!

It was great to meet with other CFE primary teacher candidates and share stories about our practicum experiences. We look forward to building strong relationships with the Orchard Garden team and our fellow colleagues.  

Amy and Christina C   

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