Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Day 12: CFE (21 June 2016) Workshop Prep

This morning, the CFE crew met at Scarfe to further plan and prepare for the solstice and five senses workshops. Each group discussed what still needs to be done and delegated responsibilities among members of their group. 

Summer solstice group:

Each of us is responsible for making and bringing a dish. We ran through our activities, and made our way to Wreck Beach to collect materials (rocks, shells, wood, leaves, pine cones) for our land art activity. We invited a local daycare to come and join us for the workshop next Thursday.

During this CFE, we have learned how a garden can facilitate place-based learning in a classroom. Through hands-on activities, field trips, lesson planning, discussions with Orchard Garden team members, we developed resources and acquired knowledge which will allow us to incorporate garden related activities in our future teaching practice. 

We have appreciated the opportunity to be in the garden after a long practicum, it has allowed us to reflect on our practicum and community field experiences as well as realize the value of integrating learning. A garden enables us to integrate curriculum subjects in a coherent and engaging way.

Dana, Cristina and Claire

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