Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Orchard Garden CFE- May 11

Hello! Laura, Fatima, and Stephanie here to tell you about our Wednesday, May 11.

Today was a pretty intense work period, so we used this day to refine our ideas, the workbook, and do a quick run through of our workshop for Saturday May 14th.

This morning, we all gathered at the garden to do a run through of our workshop on Saturday. We practiced setting up the tent, decided on creating a welcome sign for the students, and made sure we were equipped with all of the materials for the workshop (clipboards, pencils, charcoal, hats, etc). We refined our transitions, decided on how to introduce the workshop to the rest of the students, and practiced our scripts to one another. Toni was there to assist us and helped us with any confusion that we had in the morning. Once we all felt confident as a group, we decided to head back to Scarfe to try to finish up our workbook.

Each of us had completed a recipe and a small lesson for our workshop. We combined each lesson and recipe together into a booklet and Steph and Aman figured out the formatting (thanks for making the booklet look so pretty guys!). As a result of today, we are proudly able to say that we have almost completed our booklet (we were missing Alice and Pari today and want to make sure everything is good to go with them) and feel quite confident about how the workshop will run come Saturday. A sneak peak into our Saturday looks like this:
  • Introductions at the garden
  • Tea hunt activity using french & math
  • Soundscape drawing activity using meditation
  • Dipping around the word, rooted in social studies and science
  • Roundtable lunch
  • Exit slip: Head, Heart & Hands

We don’t want to give too much away, so there’s a quick summary of what you can expect at the workshop! Happy gardening :)

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