Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Tyee Montessori Elementary School Visit - May 4th

Today we visited Tyee Montessori Elementary School where students have participated in the Think and Eat Green at School project and have done a lot of cooking, knitting, gardening, and art works. The school has been decorated with students’ art works that has made the school a very beautiful place.


In the morning, we (Alice and I) helped three groups of students (Gr 4/5/6) to make seed bombs. We had an interactive discussion about the origin of the seed bombs and why seed bomb was invented in the first place. Students were very excited about this hands-on experience and the discussion which followed. We also provided them with the mathematical shapes that they were familiar with so that they could make their seed bombs in a shape that they liked. After making seed bombs, since students liked to take their seed bombs home, we helped them to rap their seed bombs.

We also had the opportunity to observe the Roots of Empathy lesson. An interesting lesson that helps young students to improve their compassionate feelings towards others.

In the afternoon, we helped three more groups of students (Gr 1/2/3) to make seed bombs.

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