Monday, 9 May 2016

CFE Week 3 Monday (UBC Botanical Garden)

Today we visited the UBC Botanical garden. We started in the Physic garden, looking at the different herbs used for medicine. We were also discussing how we can relate the garden with our teaching. We had ideas such as scavenger hunt, soundscaping, smell-scaping, and relating it to history or literature. For math, I think the shapes of the beds are interesting. We can find the area using area of the sector. We can also look at angle on a sundial and do a project of making sundials.

We continued exploring the UBC Botanical garden and discovered this beautiful amphitheatre. Certain spots in the center of the stage amplifies and echoes the sound, we had fun trying to find the spot. This could also be a math exploration on sound waves and relating it to trigonometric functions. This beautiful water fountain structure is called the Hypanthium. We were also discussing why water runs along the surface of the structure and not fall off the edge. Before we left the Botanical garden, we explored the vegetable garden and discussed ideas for our Saturday workshop. We continued working on the workshop in the afternoon at UBC Orchard Garden.

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