Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Alice- CFE May 3 (week 2 day 2)

 We did the soundscape activity with Diana in the garden today. We starting with an activity to know each other better. We talked about our favorite animal, plant, outdoor activities and unique experiences we had. It was a great ice-breaker activity to know each other better and can be modified to fit any subject and classroom. Then, we played a quick game about listening. We stood in a circle and the person in the middle of the circle had their eyes closed and had to guess who made a sound.

For the soundscape/performance activity, we listened to the sounds we hear around us tried to draw a visual representation. We first did this at UBC Orchard Garden, then we walked to the forest and did the same in the forest. As a group, we collaborated our ideas together and made it into a sound/visual performance. It is very surprising how much technology noise from machines and constructions we have even in the forest. Noise pollution is something I have never thought about. Sound from nature such as bird tweeting significantly decreased after the construction sounds started. It is not just disturbing us, it is also affecting the animal greatly. I think it is a meaningful activity for us to think about what is really around us. 

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