Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Aman - May 10, 2016 Blog Post

Today we spent majority of the day working on our workshop that will be taking place on Saturday later this week. Although it was quite stressful to get everything organized and discuss the logistics of the workshop, we accomplished quite a bit as a group! We were able to go through the schedule and see what we needed to edit. One of our advisers (John) was able to help us think about all possible outcomes of each activity by asking important questions (i.e. "what will be the transition from activity A to activity B?, will that transition be fluid or awkward?, etc.). Everyone had posted the recipes on the Google doc the night before which was great because we were able to review those and sort out the ingredient list. For example, we were able to see which ingredients overlapped throughout the list and some group members offered to bring things from home in order to avoid additional spending. Once we edited the schedule, the recipes, and the activities, we were able to create an itinerary which we would be giving to the guests at the beginning of the workshop. Lastly, before we went to the Orchard Garden we were able to create a draft of the resource booklet we are going to be giving the participants on Saturday and from the looks of it, it should be done by tomorrow! Before the day was over, we went out to the Orchard Garden to look for and prepare all the equipment/material we need for Saturday.

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