Friday, 23 March 2012

Time to plant peas! Youth volunteer in the garden...

Thanks to the Karma Connections youth group for volunteering with us in the garden on Wednesday. Karma Connections is a program that aims to match youth to meaningful volunteer experiences. Youth are encouraged to make connections to organizations of their choice, and make arrangements to go and dedicate their time and services. It was great to meet such eager and knowledgeable youth ... (all photos taken by the volunteer youth)

Youth helped us weed and prepare beds for planting in the Chinese Market Garden

The volunteers planted snap peas and snow peas (which were soaked for 24 hours before planting)

The sun came out and the soil was warm and soft...

After weeding and clearing the bed, the youth brought the scraps to the compost and we discussed the importance of 'greens' and 'browns' in compost- the youth knew a lot about the ratio of carbon and nitrogen!

And here's the older compost which is on its way to being finished and returned to the garden (once plant parts are no longer identifiable)

The group harvested sweet winter carrots and kale for the Agora Cafe

Some of the youth were surprised- "this is food?!" They couldn't believe that we could harvest something and be able to eat it moments later...

An intern and I cherish the freshly picked dinosaur kale ;)

We hope you will come visit us and check on your peas in the spring or summer...
Thanks for all your hard work!

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