Thursday, 8 March 2012

Math in the garden

We were very excited to host one of our many math classes in the garden yesterday- EDCP 340 (French immersion elementary math). The instructor had thoughtfully prepared an integrated assignment for the students and it was our job to introduce them to the garden and all the many possibilities of seeing math in plants, bee hives, weather patterns, paths and much more...

Stacy discusses cruciferous flowers and the multiple math learning possibilities in estimating seed counts, taking the average of the seeds collected, performing multiplication to determine desired plants...

Students count the tiny seeds of bok choi

Stacy discusses the geometry in the way garden beds and paths are laid out, and the body mapping possibilities as we use our bodies to measure plots, seed depth and spacing

As the sun begins to set we visit the bees to discuss the many possibilities for math within the hive- the geometry of the cells, the huge number of bees, the flight paths and patterns of the bees...

Thank you to Christine's class for a wonderful visit! We hope you continue to explore math in the garden and come visit us this summer.

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