Saturday, 17 March 2012

Elementary science in the garden

Although the morning was dreary and cold, we were excited to host Patrick's elementary science class in the garden yesterday. It was wonderful to know so many of these preservice teachers are doing their practicums at schools with school gardens and we were inspired by their thoughtful questions and explorations. Thanks to Deanna for leading the group and brainstorming curricular connections in the garden!

Students explore the cold, wet garden and are drawn to the little kale "forest"

We discuss how fortunate we are to live in a climate where school gardens can provide a bounty of food year-round!

Students examine our three-bin compost system and discuss the challenges and benefits with this system (namely, needing space, but also being able to teach children the different phases compost undergoes before returning to the soil)

We look forward to the wonderful work you will do with your students and hope you will come back to visit our garden in the summer!

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