Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A teacher learning in the garden: Post #9

Tia shares an article from her hometown on the revival of the pawpaw tree:

I try to stay up to date with the news from my home city (Windsor, Ontario) by reading the Windsor Star on my phone every day. On March 7th there was an interesting article on reviving the pawpaw tree in Essex County. I must admit I am one of the people described in the article who has never heard of a pawpaw! This is a relevant article as it relates to my experience researching native plants for the Orchard Garden. The pawpaw was once a very well-known, common fruit and today nobody in the area knows about it. From the description of it, it sounds delicious! Isn’t it amazing how many edible plants disappear from our knowledge and culture? I love that there are people out there trying to learn more about native plants and trees and are trying to bring them back to the areas they belong in. I am hoping when I go home in April I get a glimpse of a pawpaw tree!

pawpaw fruit

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