Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Welcome to the 2nd day of Community field experience at The Orchard Garden, UBC ( my two cents..)

Welcome to the 2nd day of Community field experience at The Orchard Garden, UBC ( my two cents..)

Once again we all started off with a great sunny day today. It was very interesting to learn the historical importance and context of community gardens through the nicely referenced presentation. To me, it was a great enlightenment towards the origin of word Kindergarten which derived from German language and used widely in all the part of the word. It was a great surprise to learn some word which I always wanted to know when I was in school but never had a chance to explore. Finally, I know what its mean by LKG or UKG and why it’s deeply rooted in garden symbolically. I would like to share that origin of place-based or garden-based education system is historically very well recognized system of early education (elementary) in different parts of the world which we often get unnoticed.

Today’s exercise on the building imaginary school garden was a perfect example how one can really appreciate the “Romantic Pedagogy” in the process of learning and is equally validate its purpose for all kinds of learning and not just limited to school (elementary school children).  It was fascinating to see how different imaginations on the dream school garden project were distinct in their own ways but keeping inclusivity and catering the diverse level of learners. The image of our dream school garden is attached herewith for your glance. The main highlights of this dream school garden were to use the underutilized space (which we often find a problem finding one) and with perennial access by installing open and closed greenhouses supplemented by many other fine details which you find noticeable such as the installation of micro-met-station for weather monitoring in the garden area.

During our work party in the Orchard garden, we learned how to efficiently water the plants using the system of drip and sprinkler system. Not to mentions watering plants, could be very labor intensive in longer run without such support system. We learned to minimize the levels of weeds by using the combination of cartons and mulch. The picture below depicts the process carrying out the same. 

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