Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Day Three of Our CFE!

Every spring my grandparents  start their garden. Each and every year it is abundant and provides produce for them and their neighbors through the summer months. I knew they would  "prep" for their garden, but it never occurred to me the amount of planning and consideration it actually took. Today, while our group was learning about crop rotation and the methodology that one would have to consider, I was instantly empathizing with my grandparents. I am excited that what I'm learning here during my CFE will act as language I can use to communicate better with them, and offer as a way for me to be even more appreciative for their garden's success.

I am genuinely intrigued with how much a school teacher, a SECONDARY school teacher can do by using a garden as a learning tool. These past three days have opened dozens of pathways and introductions into a world that is both simple and incredible resourceful. Simplicity and abundance come to mind when I think of garden based education, and the two coincide when you think of a successful garden. 

It is also rewarding to see how well our group is doing in the garden, and it is all a factor of the tremendous guidance from Sam. He will be missed; he's set us up for success!

            Today was day three in the gardens and once again another day of learning. I learn something new every time I’m in the garden. Today we covered crop rotation and how vital it can be for your garden. The idea that even growing something in a different spot in the garden bed the following year shows how intricate and complex gardening can be. I honestly think I fantasized about the idea of always having my own garden, but I’m only just realizing how much work it is!

            Another thing I found fascinating was the idea of nourishing and replenishing your soil in the winter time. So, using sugary leaves and laying them on top of the soil as a blanket is actually nourishing for the soil! It just is interesting that you can recycle and use things in nature FOR nature. It comes full circle, and I really think that fits in with the idea of gardening being cyclical. Overall, it was an interesting day, and I can’t wait for tomorrow!

- Lovleen and Navi 


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Would you be able to share the images again. Best regards AKV

  2. Thanks for this lovely post, Navi and Loveleen! As Ashok has mentioned above, you photos did not show up on the blog just by cutting and pasting the document—but we’d love to see your photos! You will need to upload them to your blog post separately using the ‘insert picture ‘ icon on the post editing screen. Give it a try, and I can help you with it too if needed.