Sunday, 29 April 2018

Upcoming: Morris Dance May Morning festivities this Tuesday May 1, Windermere visit Wednesday May 2

Thanks so much to all the teacher candidates in
the secondary Community Field Experience (CFE) for a great first week and for your very interesting posts here!

Thanks too to members of the Orchard Garden team -- Tathali, Sam, Ele, John, Jo, Tsubasa and to Amanda and Joe who came and danced with us Thursday -- and to Tiddley Cove Morris Dancers Marcia, Vee, Valerie and Ele, to Burnaby North student filmmakers Roanna, Jhaycee and Nikita, and to our Roots on the Roof guide, Raihan.

This Tuesday is May 1, which counts as the first day of summer in many northern agricultural traditions. For those hardy souls who don't mind getting up 'long before the day-o' once a year, you are welcome to join Tiddley Cove Morris Dancers, Vancouver Morris Men and Little Mountain Step and Clog to dance the sun up at Trimble Park, 8th & Trimble (in Point Grey), at the basketball court area. We will be there to start dancing by 5 - 5:30 AM, and there is lots of opportunity to sing along, drink tea (bring a fancy teacup if you've got one), and perhaps eat a hot bagel (new tradition...)

We'll have breakfast and more singing at the Café Zen on Yew Street near Kits Beach at about 7 AM, and you're welcome to join in there too. Finally, we will all meet at University Hill Elementary School at 9 AM for a 9:15 - 10 AM Morris May Morning celebration with three classes of primary students and teachers there.

On Wednesday May 2, we are now booked for a visit to Windermere Secondary School's learning gardens and orchard! Thanks to Brendan Chan, Karen Chong, Tathali Urueta and others for helping make this happen. We will meet at Windermere Secondary (3155 East 27th near Renfrew) in the front lobby at 8:45 AM for a 9 AM tour with Brendan, and will spend the day nearby at Renfrew Ravine and around the neighbourhood. We will finish up earlier on Wednesday, around 1:45 - 2 PM.

See you soon!

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