Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Making & then taking down the solargraph pinhole cameras at the Orchard Garden

Some photos about the 'making of' the six-month solargraphs:
Pinhole camera 1 (the black cylinder on the pole)

The view from camera 1

Camera 2

View from camera 2

Camera 3

The view from camera 3

Camera 4

Camera 4 again

View from camera 4

Ceremonial taking-down of the pinhole cameras at Winter Solstice 2014

R-L: Latika, Kwesi, and Latika's husband

L-R Laura and Phil

L-R: Susan, Latika, Laura

 Back in July: Meeting of the Orchard Garden team with George Hart and Nick Sayers to plan the math art in the garden projects.

L-R: George, Julia, Roz, Scott

L-R: Brendan, Claire, Galen

L-R: Toni, George, Julia

L-R: Claire, Galen, Nick

L-R: Scott, Brendan, Claire, Galen

Sample solargraphs that Nick made in Brighton, UK

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