Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Dilafruz Williams and a visit to Portland State University's Learning Gardens

Pramod Parajuli, Dilafruz Williams and Karl Logan, co-founders of Portland's Learning Gardens

We took the train to Portland, Oregon with our bikes for a short trip recently (a mixed mode of transportation I highly recommend!) and, while there, got in touch with fellow garden-based education activist Dilafruz Williams of Portland State University.

Dilafruz couldn't come out to the gardens because of a knee injury, but she sent us instructions, and Phil and I had the chance to visit the wonderful Learning Gardens that Dilafruz and colleagues established off-campus near Lane Middle School in 2004, a year before the original UBC Orchard Garden was founded.

We took lots of pictures (see below) and got lots of great ideas that we could think about trying out at the Orchard Garden too -- for example, a human sundial, scent garden labyrinth, keyhole garden design, and lots of ideas for artwork, rain shelters, etc. If you are going to Portland, you should visit!

Phil and PSU graduate student Dani in the Learning Garden

Outdoor meeting space and trellis

Scent garden labyrinth

Keyhole garden design

Sundial -- wide view

Sundial with Dani as gnomon

Sundial months of the year stepping stones

Sundial -- months and hour markers

My shadow tells the time: 3:15 PM

Learning Gardens Lab painted peace post

Family garden plots for school kids' families

Three bin compost system

Large greenhouse space for meetings, drying herbs and vegetables, artwork, and starting seedlings

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