Thursday, 5 May 2011

a cold spring

dusk is really the best time in the garden.  last sighs of the day as the land buttons up for the night.

Natasha and I planted several varieties of lettuce, just as it started to rain tonight- rouge d'hiver, Australian yellow leaf, devil's tongue, super gourmet salad, hilde, red lolla, and others too beautiful to remember.  we saved a small part of the bed for our radishes to go in at the end of the month- as they only require 28 days til harvest and we want to time it for our party on 6/21- woohoo!

we also planted a few donated bulbs behind the compost- tulips, hyacinth, and allium, scattered with calendula seeds.  just as the sun set, i got in a bit of pruning of the oregano and then it was time for supper.

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