Thursday, 28 April 2011

Getting Ready to Plant

Today was a day of learning about cover crops- I knew about nitrogen-fixing capabilities of legumes, but never really considered the added benefits of a good cover crop.  Natasha explained that the cover crops such as rye, clover, and vetch also promote good soil structure, prevent erosion, provide habitat for microorganisms, bring nutrients to the surface of the soil, maintain moisture, and inhibit weeds.

So while many of the beds may look fallow and overgrown, the soil is being amended and maintained until we come along to plant.  Today Josh and I incorporated the rye on one of the beds and aerated the soil.  We will plant peas (after soaking for 24 hours), lettuce, and radish for our party on 6/21.  The radish are ready to harvest in 30 days so we need to wait until the end of May to plant.

Lots to learn...

Some photos from the garden on Tuesday:  april 26 photos

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