Tuesday, 10 May 2011

preparing the soil

I spent nearly the entire day in and around the garden- in the morning Chessa and I met with Pierre Walter who will be bringing his class out on 5/30, then a GRA meeting to discuss further planting designs for the potential Chinese Market Garden, and then the afternoon with Marc & Natasha getting our hands in the dirt.

Josh & Chessa had the brilliant idea of solving our desire for screening traffic, and our partnership with EYA (Environmental Youth Alliance) in planting 100 sq. ft. of wheat, by planting a tall stand of different varieties of wheat along the border of the parking lot.  For further information on this initiative see: EYA Lawns to Loaves

The soil is rather poor and very compacted in this area, but it only took the three of us about 2 hours to turn under the cover crop with shovels.  We will let that sit for a few days and seed wheat and sunflowers next week.

Lots of good work to be done, and still so much that needs to happen in the next few weeks...

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