Sunday, 11 March 2018

It's been a busy six months!

...And it's definitely time to catch up our Orchard Garden blog!

From September 2017 to March 2018, here are some of the highlights at the UBC Orchard Garden:

Sept. 9-15: World Environmental Education Conference (WEEC), with a full conference day held at the Orchard Garden and Landed Learning at the Farm.

Presentations to UBC teacher candidates on CFEs (three-week intensive community field experiences following their 10-week school practicum) , workshops and volunteering at the Orchard Garden.

October - March: The first 5 of 8 Orchard Garden workshops
#1 Oct. 14
#2 Nov. 25
#3 Jan. 13
#4 Feb. 3
#5 Mar. 10

(Here are the other three workshop dates:
#6 Apr. 14
#7 May 12
#8 June 30)

October: EDUC450B class in the Orchard Garden
Completed work on Hyperboloid Gate #2
Dark Garden Arts (Hallowe'en, Day of the Dead)

September - December: Collaboration with SFU School of Interactive Arts and Technology undergraduate student design team

November: Grant writing sessions

Launching the new Cultivating Learning Network website

December: Planning for upcoming ECE Summer Institute in the Orchard Garden

January: Orientation meeting with CFE students

February: Two workshops with the Tell-3C elementary cohort


Secondary CFE: April 23-May 12

Elementary/Middle CFE:
June 11-30

Summer Solstice Celebration: Thursday June 28

Summer Institute in Early Childhood Education: July 9-14

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