Sunday, 11 March 2018

Completing the installation of Hyperboloid Gate #2

On a rainy weekend in October, a group of hard-working Orchard Garden team members muddily but triumphantly completed and installed the second Hyperboloid Gate in the UBC Orchard Garden, in time for our Dark Garden Arts celebration.

The gate was designed by mathematical sculptor and computer science professor George Hart from Stoney Brook University. George was at UBC in 2007 and again in 2014 as a mathematical artist in residence, and in 2014, was the keynote speaker for the PME (Psychology of Mathematics Education) conference at UBC. Hyperboloid Gate #1 was built in the Orchard Garden by George, PME conference participants and members of the Orchard Garden team. George documented the process and the mathematics behind his design in this short film made for the Simons Foundation.

The gate was built by elementary and middle years teacher candidates and garden team members in June 2016, but wasn't completely tied off and installed till this year.

Many thanks to John, Jo, Kwesi, Phil, Sophia (Danish grad student from the Vancouver Tool Library), and me (Susan) for lots of tying off, hoisting, digging, and tipping of the new gate into its spot in the garden. It's beautiful, and it was fun doing lots of wet and muddy work together with such a great result.

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