Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Videos on rope-making and dancing rope and braid into being

Here are those videos you've all been waiting for: our CFE group dancing round and flat braid into being -- to the tune of 'Buffalo Gals' (or the Bruce Springsteen slower version):
"Pass by the right
Pass by the left...."

Us dancing round braid into being
dancing flat braid into being #1 & #2

These are reminiscent of this footage and this second one of the bobbins on an 18th century French braid-making machine in a silk museum in Lyon, dancing a hey.

Here is the film I made for Bridges Math and Art 2016 short film festival, The Art and Geometry of Rope Making and Yarn Plying.

And here are two great films from Norway about traditional (medieval-style) rope-making -- the first from hemp fibres, and the second from lime tree bark.

From Bridges Math and Art 2016, two short videos of brothers Alexander and Christopher Åström, from Göteberg, Sweden, demonstrating rope-making on hand-made machines in the medieval rope-walk style: video 1 and video 2. And here is a link to their paper on this topic.

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