Tuesday, 9 May 2017

CFE May 09


We did get a ton of work completed yesterday and had a very good grasp of what we really wanted people to get out of this workshop. Today we spent our time just refining the little details for our own little stations and the workshop as a whole.

Personally, today was not my most productive day as I was not able to help out a whole lot with preparation of the workshop this Saturday. I had an interview with the Mission School District so I was unable to work with the group the whole time. Before I had to leave, I was able to get on google docs in the morning and help fine tune the math and business stations.

The group has been working very hard to make this workshop fun and still relevant at the same time. It has been easy to work with everyone and our differences. Every single person really seems to be a team player and want whats best for the group as a whole. I feel like this has made this more enjoyable, things get done faster, and we are able to come up with better ideas.

Brendan H.

As Dilpreet mentioned, the day was all about fine-tuning. We are all very excited about the concept of our workshop, but we needed to continually refine our ideas, ask questions, and understand the event thoroughly. We were like worms—very good looking and intellectual worms, mind you—coursing through the foundational soils of our workshop! Not the best analogy, I know, but give me a break.

After the day of planning, we came away with a good understanding of how the day would go. We all realized that there will be instances of improvisation the day of. Much like teaching in the classroom, our workshop will also have to bend to the whims of unexpected variables. Weather, number of participants, the vibes. All that and more can influence how the workshop will be conducted—and really, that is an exciting possibility if not mildly terrifying.

Some of us remained to help Julian out in the garden. We transferred cabbage and bok choy/pak choi into the Orchard Garden from the greenhouse and sang songs from Mulan as we fiercely uprooted the zucchini. Apparently, it was a great day for a transfer. Why? Something to do with the weather. Temperature. Planet alignment. Maybe not the last one, but the other two, yes. This third week of the CFE took us out of the garden so that we could focus on creating our workshop, but a few of us could not help but be compelled to the garden's needy beckoning.

Joyce was able to take a zucchini plant home too. Isn't it cute?

As our CFE comes to a close and with our workshop looming ahead, I believe we're experiencing the culmination of everything we've learned so far. It's like the end of a unit. Everything that we've perceived, discussed, and participated in has grown into something valuable that we'll carry like seeds. And although the plant puns and analogies may be overused, they're quite apt! Hopefully, the exploratory nature of our learning will be conveyed on our Saturday workshop. So, please! Come out! We've put our blood, sweat, tears, love, souls, and other various elements of 'being' into it, so you know it's gotta be good.

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