Friday, 29 April 2016

Community Field Experience - Day 5

Hello!  Today's post is by Sylvie C.

Today started with another informative talk by Antonia Lazarova, following up on the information she gave us on Wednesday.  She shared with us the book she wrote, "Teaching in the school garden" which is loaded with fun and engaging activities to do with high school students.  All her activities revolve around the garden and we will be able to use them in our classrooms. 

I particularly like the "Interview: Family Food Culture" activity on page 22 because it is an activity based on reflection that I could easily do in a French or Spanish class, after teaching the vocabulary from a food unit.  I also like the discussion/debate activities Toni suggested such as GM foods vs non-GM foods.  If I happen to be teaching in a school that has a garden, I will certainly invite my students to help out with weeding and keeping the garden tidy on a sunny day while I am teaching them the French/Spanish names of various plants, tools, etc.  We could have a French/Spanish only rule while working in the garden.  

                                                     Toni's book - A great resource for teachers

The afternoon was spent in the garden tending to vegetable beds.  The weeding is now done and we have planted seeds in about half the beds.  We have already planted peas and carrots, and I think Kale will be next. What struck me this afternoon, as well as other days this week, was the friendly conversations we were having while pulling weeds out of the ground.  We got to talk about our plans after this course, the experience we had on practicum and even how we deal with stress and anxiety among other things.  Working in the garden is indeed therapeutic and community building!

                                         Planting seeds after weeding

                                         Seeds are planted

 Have a great weekend! Eat well and enjoy the sun!

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