Monday, 25 April 2016

CFE Day 1 Apr.25

We started the day with a warm welcome to UBC Orchard Garden and a tour of the Garden. After the great introduction to UBC Orchard Garden, we discussed our CFE plans. We brainstormed ideas for our workshop and shared goals in this CFE. I look forward to creating a cross-curricular workshop and make our ideas come true.

After lunch, we walked to UBC Farm. We learned about the UBC Farm and the children’s program is amazing! Local elementary schools come in for field trips. Students plant their own seed and take care of their own bed. Children can learn about sustainable and organic agriculture and how forests and farms work together to create a healthy ecosystem. We had a productive afternoon working at UBC farm and planted our own potatoes.
We also learned a lot about how to start gardening and safety procedures on a farm.
1)         When you get a cut: Apply pressure with clean cloth or tissue.
2)         Eye wash station at the Orchard Garden is by the building 
3)         Plants can help with bee stings.

4)         Tool Rules: always carry with point down, and keep tools out of walkways.

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