Monday, 20 January 2014

Update on Orchard Garden/Commons developments

As most readers of this blog likely know, The Orchard Garden will be relocated this spring to make way for the Orchard Commons, a new mixed-use building hub on campus.

This Vancouver Courier article is helpful in understanding the new project, Vantage College, that is going to occupy the space.

There is a meeting on January 20th at 3pm, Fred Kaiser Building, 3223 Main Mall, to view the new plans and gather input from the community. For more information, visit UBC Planning.

One clarification: The Vancouver Courier article says that the Orchard Garden will no longer exist. This is not accurate. We are currently in transition to starting a new garden and outdoor classroom at Totem Field. Everyone is welcome to join us as we move ahead with spring planting planning. Contact if you would like to volunteer with the garden or arrange a class visit/research project with us!

The Ubyssey ran a news story about the new development on January 22, which you can read here.

We always welcome your comments: What do you think about the relocation of the garden? Do you have design ideas for our new space on Totem Field?

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