Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Garden for Every School in Delta

To start off 2014, Delta School District just announced that it will have a garden, urban agriculture installment or a mini-farm by the end of June at every one of its 31 schools!

This project will give students the opportunity for hands-on experience in an outdoor space: growing, harvesting, cooking and preserving their own produce.

As garden based education is not yet a part of the B.C. curriculum, the $2,500 a month funding is coming directly from the Delta School District, rather than the B.C. Ministry of Education. This commitment shows an understanding of the importance of Food Garden education at schools.

As a next step, the district will partner with Sole Food Street Farms and Kwantlen Polytechnic Sustainable Agriculture Program to create curriculum for both elementary and secondary school students. 

This will make it easier for teachers of all subject areas to incorporate the Garden throughout their lessons.
VSB (Vancouver School Board) and now Delta recognize and support Food Gardens at schools…  who will be next….

                                                          Picture: Vancouver Sun 

Check out the full article from the Vancouver Sun here 
To check out VSB’s Garden Policy: click here

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  1. Congratulations! This is wonderful! Will be interested to see how the project grows over the years. Emily Murphy w/ http://www.passthepistil.com/