Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Workshop Series #6: Hands On

Our sixth Workshop Series was blessed with a brilliantly sunny day. The kind of day where you can hear the robins, smell the sweet air, and the sun's warmth on your face. We were thrilled to have sun because we spent the whole morning outdoors working in the garden!  We had three stations set up for the student teachers. 

The first station was digging manure into garden beds. Manure helps improve the organic matter and nutrients in the soil, so that plants that go in these beds will have a good start for the season.

As part of the second station, we shared an inexpensive, easy trick for making newspaper plant pots. These biodegradable pots only require a glass and a sheet of newspaper to be created - great for using in the classroom . Check out step-by-step instructions here
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
We also seeded onions and spinach in the greenhouse next door.
Our third station was 'arts in the garden. Julia is getting ready for her next installation in the garden. She is using string she made form last year's flax to create webs along the wooden frame. These spider webs symbolize interconnection and chaos. We reflected on positive associations we have with school gardens, and these thoughts got 'caught' into the webs as they went up!

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