Thursday, 24 January 2013

Workshop Series #4 - another success!

The Orchard Garden and friends rang in the New Year with the fourth Workshop Series on January 12th. By way of reminder, this Workshop Series is designed specifically for teachers-in-training, who want to learn how to include garden and outdoor spaces into their teaching, and importantly linking it to Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLO). PLO's are the standardized milestones that teachers are required to cover and meet each year with their students. 
This month's theme was centred around designing school gardens, the challenges and rewards of maintaining school gardens, and tips for how set new ones up. Our hands-on activity was using permaculture principles, compasses, and rulers, to map out areas of sun and shade in the Orchard Garden. We practiced this so that anyone wanting to set up a new garden will know how to assess where the sunny and shady spots are, and plan accordingly. 
Participants working together to measure the angle of adjacent buildings.  

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