Monday, 11 February 2013

Workshop Series #5: Sustaining the Schoolyard Garden

Last Saturday, the Workshop Series group looked at the practical issues about sustaining a schoolyard garden. We looked at questions like, "What should happen to the garden in the summertime when school is out?", "How best to work with the groundskeepers?", "How can we work with the Vancouver School Board?"

These are important questions for any teacher working to sustain a garden space. The group was privileged to be joined by an elementary school teacher Natasha, who has worked for 4 years to sustain her school garden in Vancouver, and Dolores from Evergreen, a charity whose mandate is to support new and continued use of green spaces on school grounds. These two women are an invaluable resource for the group.

As always, there was an outdoor component to the workshop, and Dolores led us outside to give us an example of an activity easy to do with kids - with or without a school yard garden. Another fun workshop day!
Participants were asked to look for living and non-living things in the natural space. 
Can you guess what these living and non-living things might be in this photo? 
Rain? A problem? Nah. Not for Dolores.
She passed around cardboard clipboards with plastic bags pulled over them. 

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