Saturday, 6 October 2012

A Harvest Celebration!

On Tuesday October 2, we celebrated the harvest season in the Orchard Garden. It was a great day, filled with good food and good friends. We had music by Susan and Julia, some kolrabhi carving activities, an apple press squeezing fresh cider, and a wheat weaving workshop by Brian. A good time was had by all! Some visual highlights are below...

Getting set up for the day's festivities!
Emma lighting the stove for corn on the cob
Roger BBQing potatoes grown
in the Orchard Garden

Fun and folky musical accompaniment, with a harvest theme!

Heather at the apple press station
Apples go in....
Apples come out.
This pulp is then squeezed for juice. 
Lunch is served!
Kolrabhi carving :-) 
Kolrabhi carvers!

It is said that carving Jack o' Lanterns originated with turnips in the UK, (as they didn't have pumpkins yet). The closest things to turnips in the garden was kolrabhi,
so we had a regional twist on a regional tradition. 
Wheat weaving workshop
Everyone getting really into it!

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  1. Just to mention that Brian Jones played music too, on his concertina!