Thursday, 11 October 2012

An Outdoor Movie Screening

A big-screen outdoor movie night came to the Orchard Garden last week, through a joint effort by the Orchard Garden field team and the Land and Food Systems Global Resource Systems (GRS) program.

After a GRS work party in the garden, students were invited to a screening of "Green Porno",  a series of educational web videos by Isabella Rossellini that explore the mating habits of sea animals and insects. Rossellini's three seasons deal with everyday insects (including the dragonfly, spiders, bees, praying manti, worms, snails and houseflies), sea creatures' mating habits, and the impacts on reproduction due to over-fishing.

After a failed attempt at hanging a screen from the large apple tree in the garden, the team projected the film onto the Macmillan building as dusk fell. Sounds like a fun evening!

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