Monday, 13 June 2011

Regent College course in the garden

Veronica Gaylie (UBC Okanagan), along with Loren & Mary Ruth Wilkinson from Regent College were incredibly generous to bring their class Gardening the City of God, to the garden today.  Veronica gave us an inspiring and thought-provoking talk.  The class is examining theological connections between gardens, cities and food.  Quite a combo- made for a wonderfully diverse group of students with an array of interests & expertise.

We were very grateful for their labors, accomplishing more than we had hoped:
In 2 hours we weeded and replanted lettuce & mustard, started construction on our welcome gates, turned under the soil for our oats & barley (where the wheat failed), turned under soil for our bee forage to be planted tomorrow, hilled a bed of potatoes, and created an amazing salad of lambsquarters, purslane, chives, and parsley.

Good company, good food, and food for thought.

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