Friday, 17 June 2011

UBC Farm

i'm a little embarrassed to say today was my first time out to the UBC Farm .  and i have to say, it is a treasure to behold.  at 60 acres, it is a rare gem to have a farm of this great intention & quality on a university campus.

i was especially inspired by the Learning Garden where the Intergenerational Landed Learning project, happens.  the Faculty of Ed. projects at The Orchard Garden can learn a lot from what they are doing at the farm.  they have beautiful structures and even a bread oven!

so inspiring to see they have 8 beehives as well as 2 cows and a number of chickens.  i loved hearing Andrew describe the fertilization techniques of the cows as they graze, leaving patties and then the chickens following after them, eating grubs, spreading cow manure and adding their own chicken manure.  

such an efficient way to farm- rotate the animals on the land to be planted:  natural pest management, organic fertilizer, and healthy food for the farm animals- genius!  that's nature in a nutshell.  we have so much to learn from the systems that return to the earth rather than relying on industrialized, mechanized ways.

thanks to Andrew Rushmere & Mark Bomford for the excellent tour!

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