Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Orchard Garden CFE 2017 Brainstorming Day 1

Orchard Garden CFE 2017 Brainstorming Day 1

Benefits of learning in the garden:
-get fresh air
-have more fun
-trick students into learning
-learning is more tactile
-learning is more hands-on
-students have the opportunity to move around
-learning is place-based
-students can have positive experiences and develop positive relationships with the outdoors
-learning becomes contextual
-there are opportunities to teach many different topics, such as figurative language (language arts), biology (science), planning (business)
-learning can be inquiry-based
-students are more motivated to learn

How to be when teaching in the garden:
-remain curious
-admit we don’t know everything
-establish a loose framework that allows students to lead parts of the learning, with guidance at the beginning and end of the lesson time
-state our expectations clearly
-explain to students why we are going outside to learn
-consider ways to incorporate garden-based learning into assessment
-think about possible barriers to learning in the garden, such as students’ discomfort or administration’s disapproval, and plan ways to overcome these barriers
-ease students (and administration) into garden-based learning by starting with small steps and working up to larger goals


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  1. Thanks Liz, Tsubasa and John! I just added my photos from Day 1 of our CFE too.