Wednesday, 18 January 2017

2016-17 Orchard Garden workshops

We have just finished our first two workshops of the year plus our experimental woad dyeing workshop in December. The workshops continue to be very exciting, and we have a large and terrific  group of teacher candidates and other interested participants taking part.

We will be posting photos and write-ups of the first few workshops this week. Many thanks to Shirley Soo who has been taking great photos and has generously offered to help get our social media postings up to date!

Here is the schedule for the Saturday workshops this year. Please mark them on your calendar, and plan to come to four or more to qualify for an informal certificate of garden-based learning next July. Workshop fees are $10 (please bring cash as we can't handle debit, credit or cheques), and this covers a delicious lunch made with garden ingredients and workshop materials.

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