Monday, 1 February 2016

Orchard Garden graduates 2015!

In November 2015, several graduate students with strong connections to the UBC Orchard Garden graduated from their programs:

Susan, Toni and Julia at grad

Julia and Jeannie at grad

Toni (Antonia) Lazarova completed her MEd in Home Economics and garden-based learning. Her MEd graduating project included a book of garden based curricular activities for secondary home ec teachers, and a paper describing the rationale behind the design of the book.

Chessa Adsit-Morris completed her MA in Curriculum and Pedagogy based on work she did with Think&Eat Green@Schools at Tyee Montessori School, and indirectly with her work in garden-based learning at the UBC Orchard Garden. Here is a link to her MA thesis.

Big congratulations to everybody! We are proud of your great work and hope that we will stay in touch though the Orchard Garden and other garden-based learning projects that you undertake.

Toni at grad

Chessa at her thesis defense

Chessa at the Orchard Garden Summer Solstice celebration
Dr. Julia Ostertag, co-founder of the UBC Orchard Garden with a long-time involvement in garden based learning activism, graduated with her PhD in Curriculum & Pedagogy. Her dissertation is based on her interactive, growing art installation in the Orchard Garden.
Here is the link to Julia's PhD dissertation, a supplementary video of the Orchard Garden that accompanies it,  and her MA thesis


  1. So wonderful to celebrate the scholarship that emerges from the Orchard Garden! I'm so honoured to be connected with you!

  2. I just saw this today - thanks Susan and thank you to the garden(s) for all the friendship and learning!