Wednesday, 20 November 2013

More videos on community impact of Orchard Garden alumni & programs

Hi everyone. Here are links to the six short videos we've produced so far. Hope you enjoy them!
Orchard Garden alumni:
1) Djamila Moore & the Garden of Wonders

3) Alison Krahn & work with the Vancouver School Board

4) Kate Petrusa & curating at the BC Farm Museum

Orchard Garden programs:
5) Teacher education workshops

6) Arts in the garden workshop

The videos were made by Vancouver filmmaker Michael Louw with UBC producer Susan Gerofsky and additional camera by Don Miernecki.

Links to additional resources from the films:
(1) As noted earlier, another film about the Abernethy School Kitchen Garden featuring Djamila Moore can be found here, and there is also a US National Public Radio (NPR) podcast about the garden at The Abernethy Garden of Wonders website is here:

(2) Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society's website is at, and I understand they are making a film about their work now too!

(3) The Vancouver School Board's Green Schools site is at

(4) Reviews of Kate's exhibit, Handmade to Handheld, can be found here:
<>, <>

(5) Here's a link to a one-page fact sheet about the UBC Orchard Garden from April 2013.

(6) Participating artists include Mind of a Snail Compost Modern Shadow PuppetrySharon Kallis and the Urban Weavers StudioBen PfeifferOrkestar Slivovica and Tiddley Cove Morris Dancers& Musicians

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