Monday, 1 July 2013

Enhanced Practicum Reflection, week 2, June 17th to 21st

Week two started off with a nice cup of tasty lemon balm and calendula herb tea. My team partner Karine and I had the opportunity to fix up the overrun herb garden at The Orchard Garden. It was a busy project but I learned a lot about the herbs, such as, what medicinal qualities herbs have and how invasive mint and oregano can be. Because of their rhizomatic roots they can be very invasive to any garden and need to be contained.

Oregano's roots do not grow too deep but will branch out and can grow out several feet away.
Oregano and its roots
Potted mint patch

We decided to plant some fennel and dill. Bees are attracted to the flowers of these herbs. Then we finished by putting wood chips on the walkway paths.

See all the herbs we found under the vetch that was over taking this garden!


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