Friday, 30 November 2012

Workshop Series #2: Curriculum Connections

Our second workshop took place on November 17 and we focused on how to connect gardens to current high school and elementary school curriculums and how we can adapt and implement new curriculum that works with gardens.  We were lucky enough to be joined by Stacy Freidman from the Intergenerational Landed Learning Project on the UBC Farm and a group of current and former students from Windermere Secondary School.  Everyone gave really amazing and inspiring presentations.  It was a wonderful learning and sharing experience and everyone left looking foreword to more.

Stacy Friedman talking about curriculum connections
Students doing blind contour drawings of leaves from the Orchard Garden
Students then had to see if they could find which leaf they had based on their drawing

Harvesting Kale for lunch

Truly inspiring presentation about Windermere's student run garden
“Thank you very much for bringing the students in to give us their presentation.  They were very informative and so professional!  I learned so much from them and am inspired to try and start a garden in whichever school I end up in.  There are endless opportunities for lessons and integration different aspects into different classrooms.  All of the resources provided are much appreciated.  Thanks!"

“Wonderful very informative inspiring workshop!  I loved the Windomere presentation as it put theory into real life examples.  What is really good is all the different people from different backgrounds who are experts in their field this provides many different insights and an invaluable wealth of information.  Definitely I love to see more presenters in the future.  Thanks J

"I really enjoyed this workshop experience!  I appreciate the holistic teaching approach and delivery of the concepts and themes of today.  Loved the contour drawing of the leaves- also the tour of the garden.  Linking what we discussed with food prep!  Great hands on activities, awesome conversation.  Totally inspired by the guest speakers- received a ton of resources, ideas and all of the charts + posters/visuals around the room were so helpful.  Another amazing workshop!"

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