Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Officially Fall! This Saturday 2:49pm.

This Saturday, September 22nd at 2:49pm in the afternoon, is the Fall Equinox. This means that the centre of the Sun will be on the same plane as the Earth's equator.

Roughly speaking, the fall (and spring) equinox denotes when night and day have almost equal lengths up at our latitude. At the equator, there is exactly 12 hours of night and day, and the centre of the sun can be observed directly overhead.

In the Orchard Garden here at UBC, however, the Fall equinox means that we are entering the half of the year that sees the fewest daylight hours. These reduced hours of sunlight "officially" signals the time when leaves may begin to fall and flowers turn brown with ripe seeds.

With all this glorious sunshine, fall has been taking its time to arrive...which is fine by me!

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