Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Reflections on Pollination Workshop

Alison & Lauren

To wrap up the Enhanced Practicum in The Orchard Garden last month, Alison & Lauren planned and led an informative and fun workshop centered on the theme of pollination.  The workshop was well-attended by Bachelor's of Education students and blessed by sunshine.

Meeting under the iconic apple tree

Exploring our perennial fruit bushes

Calendula is edible!

Perennial herb and bee forage area planted by a class last summer

Bees love chives!

Our newly built Warre bee hive (waiting for our second hive of bees)

Snacks and curriculum

Here are some reflections from Alison:

A great time was had by all who attended our Sweet Education Pollination workshop! Lauren and I were joined by teacher candidates from Art, English and Socials cohorts on a beautiful afternoon. We opened our session with an introduction to the space, and an acknowledgement of our being visitors on Musqueam territory. We took a tour of the garden, and looked at Mason and Honey bee houses, as well as the plants bees use for forage. Julia also explained her PhD research project, and Chessa filled us in on the history of the Chinese Market Garden. After our tour, we returned to the picnic table to share some resources and curriculum links that Lauren and I had been working on during the alternate practicum. We broke out some snacks (and mead!), and then wrapped up the afternoon with a seed ball making activity. 
Here are the steps if you'd like to try it yourself!
  1. Source pollinator friendly seeds (Bee Blend seed packet from West Coast Seeds works great). 
  2. Get some healthy soil/clay/compost and create a ball(s), making sure to mix the seeds throughout. Let air dry. 
  3. Throw, release, or gently place where you want the seeds to grow. 
Lauren makes a seed bomb
The concept is accredited to Masanobu Fukuoko, a Japanese farmer and philosopher who developed the basic formula of mixing clay with humus orcompost, and seeds.
http://www.westcoastseeds.com/ - Excellent source for non GMO seeds! 
http://heavypetal.ca/ archives/2011/01/step-by-step-how-to-make-seed-balls/ - Step by step guide to seed bomb creation and more.

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