Thursday, 19 January 2012

"you can't garden nature": considering the meaning of native and non-native plants

Thanks to Dr. Pat O'Riley for sharing this article with us:

As we write a grant for native plant material and research appropriate ways to use the garden to dialogue around the topic of native and non-native plants, we are reminded of the fluidity of origins, place and time, as well as the importance of understanding the relationality of plants without romanticizing or privileging one type over another.  While we seek to incorporate a diversity of plants in our garden, we must recognize that this diversity is for the benefit of cultural learning and sharing, as well as for the direct ecosystems with which we partner.  The conversation of native and non-native plants is complex, involving issues of invasiveness and ecological balance as well as stories and ancestry.  We look forward to continuing this conversation in our research and gardening...

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