Sunday, 11 December 2011

Winter hibernation...

With an early snowfall on Nov. 18th, this has been a fairly cold Fall and much of our garden is taking cover for the Winter...

(No more outdoor meetings for a few months...)

A few leafy green crops have braved the cold (and some get even tastier with the cold weather), and will provide small amounts of food throughout the season.  Here is our spinach tucked beneath the snow.

A few forgotten chive seedlings get some icing.

Our sunchokes are withered and brown.  Looking forward to next year's possibilities...

Brave little favas volunteered after the Summer and persist throughout the cold.  Their leaves taste sweet like green macadamia nuts.

Calendula seems indifferent to the cold weather- it has been blooming for 6 months!

And of course, our perennial herbs, such as rosemary, are hearty and happy- great for root veggie soups.

Modest and reliable, dinosaur kale performs all year long.  An excellent plant to grow in school gardens as it is one of the few plants which can be harvested into the depths of Winter and provides excellent nutrients.

If you are a regular visiter to this blog, you will notice an absence of posts for a few weeks as we all take our long-awaited rest, catch up with family, enjoy creative meals, and celebrate the Season of Night.  We will also begin dreaming of the most succulent Spring peas and feathered lettuce varieties to be planted in a few short months, once the soil is warm enough for our fingers...  
Happy Winter to All!

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