Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Classes officially begin next Tuesday.  Summer is unravelling.  It has been a momentous few months with growing pains for our team and the garden.  A portion of The Orchard Garden has been in existence for 5 years- however the space tripled in size this year.  This has been the first growing season for our new large space and our newly formed interdisciplinary team.  While we have encountered several challenges (from lack of irrigation to aphids, and a shortage of paid labor to multiple paradigms of gardening objectives), we have also accomplished enormous feats such as navigating said challenges, learning to communicate and negotiate, making do with a network of mediocre hoses, and knowing that we have all done our very best to make this space come alive.

As we reflect on the summer, we acknowledge many lessons learned and brainstorm ways to refine our intention.  We also celebrate the dedicated hours of weeding, harvesting, watering, planting, art-making, conversations, and cooking.  Last night was the first evening just for us.  We grilled salmon caught by Leanna on Haida Gwai, ate roasted potatoes, turnips and beets from the garden; Marc baked bread; Julia played violin in the twilight.  Professors and students cleared the dark picnic table and created an assembly line of dishwashing.  Slowly we each made our way home with leftover bits of cherry pie and zuchini, and gratitude for our shared efforts and dedication.

(I would have taken more photos, but I was too busy sipping beer, chopping kohlrabi and nibbling salmon)

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